Artist Statement

As an interdisciplinary artist, my work is in a constant state of flux. My artwork focuses primarily on the creation of frozen moments in time through the mixing and clashing of various techniques which I like to call “Poporiginal Expressionism”. When someone is viewing my work, I want them to inspect the canvas not only for the content in the foreground, but for what lies beneath. The content of my current work explores pop culture references while embracing aspects of aboriginal art, abstract expressionism and color theory. The combining of these styles instills a sense of wonderment in the viewer at first glance, and then a realization of differing emotions once it is inspected further. While creating my work, I use a diverse range of painting and printmaking techniques while utilizing digital imagery, graphic design, and photography in my planning process.

Lately, I have been exploring the world of superheroes and combining their imagery with abstract and aboriginal elements. As a child I was always nose deep reading books, graphic novels and observing comics. Not only were the visuals appealing, but the stories continually showed an indirect relation to the struggles of everyday people. While most heroes are continually trying to save the world, they are still dealing with the everyday problems we deal with such as relationships and even death. The struggle of everyday life in comics is a pretty unique underlying theme. The artworks I create, relate to various emotions that we feel throughout our lives. I prefer to name my paintings after characters or events and leave the underlying emotions up to the viewers’ interpretation.


I was born in Mount Pleasant Pennsylvania and received my Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University in 2008, Associate of Fine Arts from Westmoreland County Community College in 2011 and Vocational Certification in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2016. I serve as the Creative Maestro at You Area Here 406 Gallery in Jeanette along with being the founder and chief curator of the Headkeeper Artist Initiative in Greensburg, PA. I am also heavily involved in creating charitable events in the Southwest Pennsylvania area and currently teach landscape design as an instructor at Forbes Road Career and Technology Center in Monroeville.